Saturday, October 25, 2008

Super these Structs

How The Exchange Works explains how the Exchange can function using fiction. In his postSuperstruct,: We're doing it wrong., worldwithoutoil suggests that we take the structs and super them together more. Bring more people in and get it to gel better.

My recent project is to take the Seed ATM and connect it to several primary superstructs: Facilitators,The Exchange,Water filtration,Self-sustainable Interconnected Communities,Gypsy Farms,Urban Food Producers' Coop,Share your seeds,Appleseed,Rooftop to Kitchen,Food diversity,Mr Franklin's Folks,Nomadic Markup Language (Nochalking),Grow Community Gardens--Teach Children Sustainable Lifestyles,Superstruct Classifieds,Africa Community Gardens Project,The New Pony Express Mail Relay Experiment,Assembly12,Analog Superthreat Warning System,Outposts of One,and my microeducation think tank.

These are the starting structs that I feel have the greatest potential to reshape our collective vision. If we super them together we can get a better picture. Now that like some of you; I have laid out all of my pet projects and solutions that have been percolating for some time, I am ready to revisit the other players and start to make sense out of the unexpected treasures to be found there.

Awaken, Adapt, Accelerate A.'.A.'.A.'. is my favorite mysterious jewel. I think I have found my own few magnets to follow Kuan Yin has been in my head lately.

Its all about cross-promotion at this point. In some ways I have literally been building a list of who I want to superstruct with the most. The Mission Input Output idea has helped me to get moving again, reviewing all of those handy side links on my SEHI profile. As soon as I have effectively connected the dozen or so superstructs that I can see easily can work together from a visionary point of view I can immediately see new ones that I want to link in. especially the projects coming out of Africa like Africa Community Gardens Project,The Refugee State: Support the Democratic Central African Republic (DCAR) Abroad!, and from India the important Save Ganga and SEWA which is built on a model responsible for much repurposing and reforestation in India and Tamil. These forays led me to interesting new to me projects like the superstruct BRIC from my Brazilian pal jorgeguberte who also set up the the Seed ATM.

We definitely need more structs and superstructs to help with the issue of water. Water filtration is a start in adressing the connection between watersheds, foodsheds, and restoration of bio vitality.

Some important super superstructing groups are : StructNet, and Seeing the Forest, Not Just the Trees and the visionary The 2019-2042 Visualization ProjectUniting Superstruct Efforts Through Collaborative Visualization founded by ARK.

This made it pretty easy for me fulfill my questing assignment to join three superstructs this week. Actually I found the The Hexayurt Project - Free Shelter, Agriculture and Infrastructure Technologies from Hexayurt guy Vinay Gupta. Of course now I have to go back and knit that in too...

Its a lot like gardening. Once you get your hands dirty its easy to see where to go next.

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