Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pan Human Sustainability

First, I remind myself...There is time for tea...

Pan Human Sustainability is a bright green movement that intends to dispel the mythos of urban/suburban/rural and seeks to strive for a larger view of sustainability.

Right now csven and the "The Screaming 3D Bootstrappers (S3DBers)" are working out a virtual space and secure server for the Augmented University which seeks to use demonstration installations and augmented manipulatives to quickly teach sustainable habitat practices to all communities. Meanwhile I am asking joiners to use Vinay Gupta...the hexayurt guy's ning group Global Swadeshi as a gathering point for collaboration.

Education in virtual environments is familiar to me. That is my avatar at an anthropology lecture in 2007.

at a metaversed meetup in 2008. Virtual environments are especially good for learning in a circle, using multiple medias, and for establishing a sense of fellowship and shared studio space. They are a great starting point for approaching sustainability because other media like teaching videos, writings and resources can be made available, as well using special tools and interactive abilities in special situations where technology is being implemented.

Tools can be used to create custom fabrication for specific bioregional or population density demands. We can set up educational centers on secure servers hosted by major corporations and governments. Using Oceanarks, Cal earth architecture, and thinkcycle (seems to be griefed info on them here) open source applied development methods we can quickly reach the largest number of people.

These days our human society includes millions of people living in makeshift communities in poorly established human habitats. Using the power of open source thinking and group collaboration we can team up with the world leaders to quickly teach the greatest number of existing community leaders how to create sustainable human habitat in a diverse number of bioregional and human density situations. Together we can strive to meet the needs of refugee populations, ease the pain and isolation of our disabled and frail fellow citizens and create local community bright green centers based on models and training centers we establish internationally online. We can learn how to create a social human colony across human conditions.

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