Saturday, November 1, 2008

I am waking up

I am dreaming. the last few nights its always the same dream. I dream of myself asleep dreaming, pulsing with energy, streaming light and sound and thoughts. In the dream I can see everywhere at once. The whole world is my body. When the wind blows through the trees I feel it like the wind blowing through the finest hairs on my skin. I am huge like the earth and yet I am my small sleeping self. I see my small sleeping self and the streams of energy reeling out in nets and streams all over the world. There are almost no words in this dream, which has made it elusive to track and tricky to remember.

At once I am asleep and yet at once I am connected to these cathedrals of light that we have painted in a place we all can see and yet wee cannot see. Cathedrals painted in light, in hidden glowing places that we approach with our angelic selves. The parts of ourselves that have form in intelligence and mind and spirit. In those halls I see the shifting web of energy as we wander through them together. It is a kaleidoscope of human heart and understanding radiating kool-aid colors and hidden vibration. Underneath the images and pulsing vibration of this deep connection, of this wind in the trees is the wind on my skin world, is this golden pulsing music. It streams out in waves and rays of streaming golden energy bursting around the people and intelligences that are connecting to me in this deep sleep.

The first night I shifted from this dream to a dream where I am riding in a vehicle with Avantgame and my younger daughter Lucretia. It must have been a personal rapid transit pod because even though we were all moving forwards towards out destination there was no real driver or any danger. There is just an urgency and a sense that we are trying to get to some specific target moment in order to fulfill a task. We are high spirited and in a playful ludic mood. There is this mass of information swirling around and the last thing we say is something like "you have to get there in time to invent the next line". The next morning I create the bright green Pan Human Sustainability Projects.

Dreams slip away so quickly. Its easy for them to get lost. The beginning of all practice is the dream book for me. Mine says in a waking scrawl "went home to start the...".

The dream returns. In the dream we are all connected in the SEHI net. The residual structure of the machines and interfaces fall away and what remains intact and glowing is intention.

A magicians trick.
The alchemical fire creates the philosophers stone.

The third night of the dream I can see your faces clearly. I do not see your faces as you read this screen. Instead I see them when you remember to give yourself a meditative moment, when you are sipping on that cup of tea that you have made with perfect hot water and that sings in your mouth and brings your senses alive. At that moment when you take a deep breath and remember that you are in this world right this moment alive and that we are all connected and I can see your faces in this dream.

The rays of connection extend all over the globe to all sorts of people. They shift and turn and scintillate bringing different people into view from different parts of the world. Waking I have only this image. There are no words from the dream, no communication other than the sight of a hundred people flashing by very quickly in this bright connected web of intention and understanding that weves the globe of habitated places together. The rays of rainbow light and images shifting and interacting with the glowing golden streaming music.

I wake up and realize that it is all true. On Global Swadeshi we have our 100th member (our 100th monkey).

And I forgot to say that yesterday my oldest daughter clockworkapol joined superstruct SEHI ranks. I convinced her that we needed her "Top-down" skills, as well as her visual anthropology and film capabilities. She joined reconstruct earlier and thought that she had joined superstruct. She is now a member of the bright green and Pan Human Sustainability Projects groups. As well as an anthropologist who has been working with large scale social problems and agencies since she was a webmonkey protegee as a teen, she is also a 3rd generation back to the land person, who was raised among the early adapter digerati and learned to read using reader rabbit. She is a very adept artist who has chosen to turn her hand towards large scale social justice projects, especially those that involve the repair and reconstruction of her own fractured community here in Humboldt.

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