Monday, November 3, 2008

slicing open the pomegranate

Its a skill I learned years ago from my pal Brain. When he was a young hotshot musician he traveled the silk road with his rebab. Somehow the Usted Mohammed Omar found him and he was taken up among the friends. He became a star student on the rebab and he spent more time in that shadowy border land of Persia than he intended. Eating grapes in the shadow of the Bamiyan Buddahs he learned also how to properly eat a pomegranate.

You take just the tip of the knife, and you slice just through the rind in circles. First you go north to south, then again making quarters drive the tip of the knife through so you are breaking the skin but none of the seeds.

Now cut the pomegranate around its equator just through the skin again.

Now prepare a pretty good sized bowl of cold clean water. It depends of course on the size of the pomegranate however there is no reason to not be generous with size on this step.

You plunge the pomegranate under the water, and there with your hands you break it apart. You remove the tender seeds carefully from all of the white pith.

The seeds will sink. The pith will float. Pick out the big pieces of skin and float off the smaller ones. Drain the seeds in a wire mesh strainer or colander.

You now have bowl full of simply pomegranate seeds and clean hands.

Personally I love pomegranates with walnuts and persimmons, however the persimmons arent ready yet. The pomegranates this time of year are a newer variety that ripens in the very early fall. I forget the name.

While working on superstructing together about twenty groups using the bright green I stumbled on the Mobilizing Airillions page by PlaNetweaver and this incredible poem:

Original Airillions poem

The Rise of ‘Airillions’ came about when

World Economies tanked in 2010

Big Nose Dive spelled the demise of Big Brother

Then…One by one..we empowered..Each Other…:

By 2011 we’d dispelled the nightmares

That the future belonged to the billionaires

We’d exploded the myth that the Coin of these Lands

Was nothing to us as it Passed through our hands

We rose from our slumber to PassThePound

We wanted to send it around and around

We wanted to unleash its untapped potential

To draw on the element raw and essential

To see a great asset appreciated

Unbound and unbounded, Celebrated…Yes; feted

We wanted to plug into currency streaming

Flowing and growing towards our own dreaming

We wanted to lower the bridge on the moat

To make for Clear Passage, to float a lifeboat

To flow and to circulate as currents must do

If they are to generate energy thrust-through

We rose in the night to swing open the vault

Knowing something this rich is worth its own salt

Withdraw and deposit is all well and good

Yet stand and deliver in this neighbourhood

Means lettuce makes salad and PassThePound

Means slugs get unsluggish so wealth can abound…

And those that reside in the dollar domain

They Buck-ed the system by choosing to name

recipients reaping their one dollar giving

Land of the Free heralds Land Of The Living

Be it euro, dinar, sheqel or yen

Peso or ruble..; it multiplies when

We imbue with intention this note of exchange

Now we're turning the tide with our seeming 'small change'.

We rose from an age that had kept us all snoring

Seriously sleeping dulled-down and boring

We rose with the petals of paradise-found

Roused from our slumber to ''PassThePound "

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