Thursday, November 13, 2008

video roundup

brumadar 2019 Trailer

leppaludi1 superstruct journal

happychick94 Project ARK

FlamerockProductions Power Rationing Sucks Mauro, you wanted to know about my power issues? Well here ya go. Managed to catch a moment while it wasn't raining. Daveflamerock


ThanHumanMoreHuman Underground Railroad 2019 Our superstruct for Gen Exile: we have some refugees coming in by boat, so let's activate the network. Join us at

ninaksimon Look OutTwo lookouts in the 2019 underground railroad network check for signals from boats carrying refugees near the coast of Santa Cruz.

ninaksimon Year of Plenty Meeting - Oct 11, 2019 bay area members of the Year of Plenty underground railroad network meet

ninaksimonGetting Ready for Year of Plenty Meeting The refugees are on their way! ThanHumanMoreHuman and ninaksimon are ready to receive them.

reds and meds
laura2019 Video diary #1

laura2019 Video diary #2 Talkin' 'bout superstructures!

avantgame Do I have ReDS? (and will my family hate me?) Normally I'd be too vain to post a video of me looking sick as a dog but in superthreat times we all need to be hones with each other. So here goes. 5 days of ReDS-like symptoms and counting... RAVE this video at

jarrettwoldReDS SitRep 10/01/2019 A situation report on current US ReDS CentCom activities. ...

jarrettwoldDoD Investigative Field Report 10-06-2019 *Classified* TubeLeak by Anonymous Contains: Various videos found on US ReDS CentCom servers, attribution to Jarrett Wold.

jarrettwoldReDS SitRep 10/08/2019 A situation report on current US ReDS CentCom activities.

theineffabelleNo Meds Since ReDS Since the ReDS outbreak, I can't get the medications I need for my chronic illness

theineffabelleCamped Out For MedsJust got back from camping out for medications...

eek2019eek introfamily who has moved to the mountains in 2019 gets network connection setup. barely. ...


hexayurt Superstruct Report 1

hexayurt Superstruct Communications Intercept 1 - DCAR

hexayurt final transmission from DCAR The Gupta option2019

hexayurt What really went down in DCAR

lord8 Superstruct Video Mississippi Under Quarantine, Year 2019 - a video for the online forecasting game

lord8 House Arrest

lord8 State of the Zone: Mississippi, 2019

rtgardena question

Tbug1957 connection

bodhibadgerFleeing Riots in Pisa 2019Penny recounts her trauma fleeing student riots in Pisa, before finding refuge at Villa Crespina outside Panzano. Follow this story at


fleep513 Superstruct: Chilbo Community Garden sl machinama Screaming 3D Bootstrapper Fleep Tuque reports from the Chilbo Community Garden about efforts in the metaverse to address the Raveous Superthreat.

ekutnerlynchpin Superstruct - Energy Harvesting Clothing

infrarad2019 From the founder of Open Source Scientists infrarad speaks about your new role in open collaboration

martimcginnis The New PonyXpress! SEHIs involved in the new Superstruct movement are targeted for small parcel deliveries.

weather2019NML Quiz Warchalking is the drawing of symbols in public places to advertise an open Wi-Fi wireless network. Hobo signs were a series of symbols also drawn in public places to warn other hobos about the town they were entering-wheather the town would put up with hobos-feed them-Etc. In our world of 2019-there are many displaced people, many nomadic families and we should develop a similar pictographic language for them.

lord8 Doomsday's Coming (ReDS Blues)

thisisme2019 superstruct2019, stereotyping

thisisme2019 women's rights in americainformational video for The Secret Resource For All Superstructure ...

thisisme2019 dating in the age of ReDshow to on dating someone new when worried about ReDs ...

thisisme2019dating in America
advice for immigrant boys on how to date in America

rebangMilitary Airship Caught on Turtlcam the Turtlcam itself is noteworthy as one of the original "Frankenstein products" which emerged from Eastern Europe a few years ago. In particular, the Turtlcam is notorious for being built around a misplaced shipment of military-custom IC chips.

jarrettwoldInternet Threat Recently acquired by US ReDS CentCom. Footage demonstrating why we have security procedures in place.

jarrettwoldInternet Threat: An Escalation of Force Recently acquired by US ReDS CentCom. Footage demonstrating why we have security procedures in place.

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